Dr. Domenic Guastaferro

-music education-


About Music for Life

At Music for Life, we offer one on one musical instruction in person, or on Skype, as well as group instruction.  Although we focus on Piano and Voice, we are expanding to include violin and guitar.  We offer vocal coaching for auditions, vocal projection, learning to play lead sheets, improvisation, R & B, Pop, Broadway, Opera, Oratorio, Sacred Music, Gospel Music, Patriotic, etc.

  • We help younger children to perform better in school; college students to be more professional, and help people of all ages to love music for life.
  • We also encourage performance in different places in the Holiday seasons, and help students to perform at parties, rec
  • We teach singing in different languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French & Latin, Vocal projection & diction in theater and Speech & Drama, Monologues, etc.
  • Recitals, soirees, etc., during the year.
  • Students can bring their own favorite songs to perform.
  • Composition is taught on the computer using Sibelius/MIDI, or piano, and can be performed in recital.