Dr. Domenic Guastaferro

-music education-

Music for Life Services

Some Highlight Performances of Dr. Dom:

Baritone Soloist-Opera, Musical Theater, Church, Concert, Cabaret (piano/vocal), Duets with Soprano/violinist, Concert, Choral.

Composer/Producer/Director/Pianist-"The Parables"-A 7 member cast of "The Traveling Troupe of Thespian Theologizers, Singers and Circus Co." A 1 hr. long musical for children of all ages with costumes, props and interactive participation.

"God's Juggler" - A 1/2 hour long Folk ballet based on the story "The Clown of God" about a gifted orphan who grows up to be a successful juggler, but as he ages and returns to his home town of Sorrento, he finds he has but one thing to offer to the baby Jesus for Christmas before he dies…his juggling!

"The Dream Maker" - A One Act Opera about a performing couple looking for their ideal romance, but need the matchmaker, Mr. G, to help them.  It can be done at Christmas time, with a chorus of madrigal singers.  Fully orchestrated or with piano/flute. 


How to present yourself most effectively in the art of performance: 

Choice of audition material, appearance, posture, acting choices, delivery, subtext,

vocal preparation, projection for both singing and acting, etc.



We teach the fundamentals of music theory.  As well as how to write a lead sheet and chords 2, 3, or 4 part harmony, along with different instruments.  We also teach piano/vocal parts for a song.  How to utilize Sibelius in writing for a variety of instruments & voices.   



Learn the art of singing: including posture, breathing, support, resonance, line, phrasing, diction, acting choices, sub text, and expression, etc.

We teach how to sing in solo and ensemble.  Choral can be unison and 4 parts.  It also can be professional singing, or just a family soiree.  The songs can be classical, popular, folk, gospel, R & B, sacred & secular, etc. 

We help prepare you for your recitals. 



Beginning to intermediate lessons to build solid technique, and enjoyment in the art of the keyboard.  You will learn music from folk to classical along with sight reading and improvisation with chords and melody.  This can be applied to playing by ear as well.  We can use piano and/or keyboard.



Learn the art of acting through theater games, exercises, monologues, dialogues, intentions & acting choices, sub text, vocal projection, etc.